There you are, having your coffee on your couch in the afternoon. You feel uncomfortable.You don’t know why. You eventually realize that your cat is constantly staring at you and you have no idea what is going on in that tiny little head.

Did that ever happen to you?
First of all, relax!

Your cat’s stares are not harmful, but they do have certain meanings.

Your cat might be:

  • Hungry: Sometimes we forget to feed our cats on time and they are definitely not okay with this. They will keep staring at you until you drop whatever you’re doing and go get them their cat food. Just get up and get that food mat for your cat!


  • Curious: It is any cat’s nature to find anything and anyone interesting. This is why it could be completely normal for your cat to be staring at you just to observe what you are up to. Just observe your cat when you go outside for a walk. It will be very clear that your cat’s eyes will be all over the place trying to explore everything.


  • Affectionate: You might notice frequent moments where your cat is just gazing your way to show you affection. Cats use this kind of non-verbal communication to express their feelings.

Your cat simply loves you!

It might not always be very clear why your cat is staring. This is why it is extremely important for you, as a cat parent, to read their body language.

The way that cats are postured can say a lot and it can help us indicate the reason behind their gazes and stares.

Your cat is comfortable

If your cat looks relaxed and calm while staring at you, this could probably be a sign that the cat is curious or just showing you affection.

Even though cats stare a lot, they still blink. If you also find your cat blinking, you should not feel concerned. Blinking is a sign of friendliness and your cats would just want to cuddle with you and feel your warmth.

Such body gestures imply that your cat is in a calm and relaxed state, which is no reason to worry at all!

Your cat is angry

If you have a cat, you would know that cats are also capable of being annoyed.

In terms of body posture, and angry cat would mostly have a stiff posture, dilated pupils, and a swinging tail.

If you notice these gestures along with a long gaze, you should be alarmed.

In this case, you should try to avoid eye contact with the cat so that it does not attack. Try to deviate the attention of your cat by making some noise or by throwing some cat toys.

Breaking the eye contact in such situations is extremely important in order to resolve the bad energy. Be careful not to stare back at your cat as this might feel threatening.

After you feel that your cat is feeling like less of a threat, try to express some of your love and affection to lower the tension.

Your cat is scared

Sometimes you might see that your cat is ducking with their tail underneath their body.

In this situation, you should know that there is something your cat is afraid of.

You might have moved quickly or acted strangely. The cat might have heard something loud or new which have brought feelings of fear.

Their defense mechanism consists of this posture along with the stares they give you. They just keep an eye for anything that might be dangerous.

When this happens, you should not make any sudden moves because this would make your cat feel more threatened.

Take a few deep breaths, move slowly, and go get some cat food. There is a huge variety of cat products online in our pet store website which would make a great way to make your tiny creature feel better!

Another method you could use to calm your cat down is using a cat scratcher as a way to lower the tension your cat is feeling.

It is very important to observe your cat’s behavior in order to decode their stares and find out what they are trying to tell you. Get to know your cat the same way you would want to know your own child, if you decide to have any!

This is what we have to say about cats staring. If you want to find out more about your cat, check out our blog post about cats purring and what it means.