Some people might ask you whether you are a cat person. Well, this might be an easy question to many of us and we might be comfortable choosing one.

However, it is completely okay to be a cat and dog person at the same time. They are both loveable and delightful!

The problem comes when you decide to bring them both into your home. Have you ever thought what it is like to own both a dog and a cat at the same time?

Cats and Dogs have Different Personalities

Expect to be dealing with two types of animals that have distinct personalities.

For example, dogs will be a great companion for outdoor walks and hikes while cats prefer to stick around the house and just sleep in.

Also, dogs have the ability to take orders from their owners, especially if they are properly. However, this is not the same with cats. Cats find it harder to understand that they should abide by their owners’ terms.

They just roam around the house and seek attention and affection when they feel like it. Cats almost never act submissive to their owners, unlike dogs who seek their owners’ love and approval.

Cats and Dogs have Different Needs

If you have both pets at the same time, you are going to notice that your dog will require more effort from your side. They will be dependent on you for their dog food, water, and grooming.

Dogs will also require you to walk them around and take them for exercise more than cats.

Cats, on the other hand, are considered resourceful fuzzy little creatures as they are able to self-clean and feed themselves better than dogs.

Cats could be left alone for a longer time than dogs and you would not worry about them as much since they are less in need for maintenance than dogs.

Cats and Dogs Prefer Different Ways of Playing

This is a very important factor to consider because it is going to affect the harmony and level of tension in your household.

In general, cats prefer games where they stalk things and pounce them. On the other hand, dogs prefer to play fetch and chase things to catch them.

These two game preferences might be a cause of tension or misunderstanding. For example, a dog chasing a cat might think that they are playing, but the cat might actually be scared to death.

Maybe you are throwing a dog toy for your dog but you cat is simply not amused, which might drive the cat to feel ignored or not cared for.

Cats and Dogs Are Enemies by Nature

Remember episodes of Tom & Jerry where Tom the cat was always in a feud with the dog?

This applies to real life where newly introduced dogs and cats might be aggressive towards each other.

You should expect this kind of tension inside the household if you have both a cat and a dog at the same time, especially if they are not socialized and if they haven’t gotten used to each other yet.


We are not saying that owning a cat and a dog is impossible, but we are highlighting some of the challenges that might arise upon owning them at the same time.

We understand that some of our readers might own both pets now and they face no trouble, but we believe that reaching this stage requires a lot of time and commitment from us as owners.

Here is a list of tips that would help you as owners deal with having both pets at the same time:

  • Provide proper guidance for both pets and make sure to be consistent about ground house rules.
  • Make sure you are financially stable before getting both pets because they require many supplies such as dog and cat food, vitamins, shots, and much more!
  • When you are introducing them for the first time, make sure you hold them well to avoid any kind of attack.
  • Be patient because the process with take some time.
  • Feed your pets in separate areas because they might be defensive if they feel that the other pet might share their food with them.
  • Give them private and separate personal spaces to relax and rest.
  • Make sure to get them their own bathroom areas.
  • Give both pets individual quality time to bond with you.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

Are you a cat & dog owner? Did you relate to this blog?

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