Days of sunshine, trips to the sea, and having more time to spend with your children: for us that what summer means. However, the situation is a little bit different for your dog. Look at him now and imagine spending this boiling summer wearing a coat of fur as thick as his. Terrible, right? That is why you need to find ways for protecting your dog from overheating. In this blog from Pet Barn, you find some very helpful ideas.

Ways to protect your dog from overheating

Here are some tips and ideas that can go a long way when it comes to protecting your dog from summer’s scorching heat.

1. Get your dog’s hair trimmed

Spending summer in a heavy coat like that of your dog is not bearable, so take a trip to the groomer and give him a trim. However, do not shave your dog’s coat completely because it protects him from sunburns.

2. Keep your dog hydrated

Staying hydrated keeps your dog happy and cool. Therefore, make sure that your dog has access to a least one source of water. On days when it is boiling hot, it is a good idea to add some ice cubes to your dog’s water.

3. Avoid cement

Your dog takes in and releases heat through his paws, so walking him on hot cement will increase his body temperature quickly. Instead, walk him in the grass or dirt when you can.

4. Embrace the Shade

When sunlight gets too much, make sure that there is always a shady area available for your dog to take refuge at.

5. Set better walking hours for your pet

Regardless of the season, your dog needs exercise. Hot weather should not be an excuse to quitting walking. However, try to take your dog for walks in the morning or in the evening when there is less direct sunlight and lower temperature.

6. Play in the pool

Nothing more refreshing than taking a swim and playing with water. So, take your pet to play in the pool and feel cool. You can play fetch by throwing some toys in the pool, but make sure to get him water-safe dog toys to prevent boredom and encourage water play.

7. Watch for warning sings

If your dog is panting heavily, drooling, or vomiting, take some steps to cool your dog down and run to a veterinarian if you think your dog may be experiencing heatstroke. Overheating sometimes happens even if you are very careful, so do not ignore the aforementioned signs.

8. Do not leave your dog in a parked car

As your parked car’s temperature can increase heavily within minutes, you should never leave your dog there. This might give him a heat stroke. Some say that it is ok to leave your dog there if you leave the windows open but just a misconception. Leaving the window open will not save your dog in such a situation.

You Can Make Summer Fun for Your Dog

As you have noticed before, warm, sunny days can be fun for your dog as long as he stays cool and comfortable. All you need to do is to follow the advice given to you this blog.

Actually, summer can be a chance to trying new activities like splashing in a pool or eating puppy popsicles! Do those this summer and create fun memories for you and your dog.

What did you do last summer to protect your dog from overheating? Did you invent any games that help cool him down? Tell us about it the comments below.