Pet owners know that their pets bring them positive vibes. Ask any person with a cat or a dog: how happy do you feel when your dog greets you at the door or when your cat contentedly purrs on your lap after a long tiring day at work? The answer will be: great, And a big smile. Those lovely furry friends seem to know how to let our worries go away by giving us continuous acceptance and unconditional love. There is real science behind that all. According to the latest research, the strong bond you have managed to form over time between you and your pet assists your mental health. Pet Barn, in this blog, shows you some ways in which owning a cat or dog can improve your mental health.

10 Ways Owning a Pet Improve Your Mental Health

  1. Pets are a mood-booster 

Feeling down? Heading to the fridge to get a piece of chocolate? Wait and think. Why add all that calories to your body? Instead, just look at your pet! Science has proven that by having eye contact with your pet, your brain will release oxytocin (called the hormone of love sometimes), which is a great mood booster.

  1. Pets offer a healthy routine and thus less anxiety. 

Yes! It is true that taking care of a pet has not been an easy business for you. After all, it is a huge commitment that requires you to set fixed schedules for feeding, exercising, and grooming. However, these fixed routines have been helping you with your anxiety or depression. How is that possible? Well, fixed routines offer people with depression or anxiety a feeling of control and help them cope better with what is going around.

  1. Pets help you lower your stress level. 

Having a furry friend does not only help your brain release that magical dose of oxytocin but reduces your cortisol level! That means that you are going to have much less stress in your everyday life.

  1. Pets are great listeners. 

Your chest is heavy with an enormous burden that you just want to confide in somebody? Go to your pet! He will not only listen attentively to every word you say and hug you but also will never say anything to anybody! How good does that feel? Scientists have found out that 50 % of adults share their secrets with their pets, which improves their mental health.

  1. Pets can help us in later life. 

Pets make great companions for people with dementia. Because pets create a calmer atmosphere, many care homes have resident pets or receive regular visits from animals as part of their recreational schedule.

  1. Pets can help you improve your social life.  

Though it is improbable to feel lonely when you have your cat or dog next to you, these lovely furry friends can help you get a better social life. Many studies showed that having a pet increases the chance of interacting with friends and family. Not only that but also having a pet helps you meet new friends. You know how dog’s owners usually stop and talk and always have a lot to share.

  1. Pets increase your sense of self-esteem. 

A study from Miami University showed that people with a pet have higher levels of self-esteem. One of the great things that we learn from our pets is not to try hard and accept ourselves as we are because that is what they do every day, and we love them for that. Moreover, pets, especially dogs, encourage us to do more exercise. This way, we get into shape and feel more confident.

  1. Pets add meaning to your life. 

You might be having a lot of things going on in your life now, but all that will change with time. As you grow old, you will retire, your children will be probably get married and leave home and thus, you could feel that you no longer have a purpose in life. Having a pet to care for will give you that sense of fulfilment that you might miss then.

  1. Pets are good for children with ADHD. 

Dogs proved to have a calming influence on children with ADHD. In a study done in 2015, children who received cognitive-behaviour therapy with dog-assisted intervention experienced a decrease in ADHD symptoms. In addition, their social skills improved, while their difficult behaviour was reduced.

  1. Pets are fun 

The main reason why pets give you all the benefits mentioned before is that they are fun. When you get a pet, you will have more games to play, different routines to adhere to, and of course, more happy moments.

Pets Are Great Companions But Also a Huge Responsibility

The benefits mentioned above don’t suggest that a pet is just a miracle cure for mental health problems. Owning a pet is good for those who have the time, money, energy and will to keep a pet healthy and happy. It is crucial to remember that owning a pet is a major commitment that lasts a lifetime!

How long have you had your pet? How did he help you get better mental health? Tell us in the comments!