Imagine waking up after having spent the night sleeping on the rough floor!
Think of your body hurting all over after such an experience, and think of the horrible mood you will definitely wake up with. A mood that even the strongest cup of coffee won’t fix.
Difficult, right?

Well, this is the same for your dear, adorable dog. If it’s difficult for you to sleep on the hard cold floor, then it’s the same for your poor pup. Actually, if you think more about it, you will find that it’s even worse for doggies as they don’t have coffee as an option to help them get through the day after a bad night’s sleep!

Because we at Pet Barn care about dogs and know you care as much, we will tell you more about the importance of getting a bed for your dog.

 The 5 Most Important Reasons You Should Get Your Puppy a Bed

Getting a bed for your pet is not a luxury that you can simply skip. It is an essential need that can help both him and you. A bed does not only give your pet a safe space to relax and sleep but it also helps you keep your furniture sound and clean. To get a clearer understanding about the importance of getting your pet a bed, read the 5 most important reasons you should get your puppy a bed.

1. Getting a bed is essential for your dog’s health and structural safety

If you are a dog owner, you know for sure that dogs, no matter what their breed is, face the risk of developing structural health problems like hip dysplasia or arthritis, among other issues. Giving your dog a bed will protect him against these structural ailments.

In case the dog already suffers from such problems, the bed would be beneficial to relieve the pain as it would work as a supportive cushion holding the body and providing comfort and a good night’s sleep.

As your dog spends between 12 to 18 hours sleeping a day, choosing the right dog bed is a crucial decision. Make sure to consider your dog’s age, size, health, breed, and activity level. For example, senior dogs of seven years or more and overweight dogs have weaker joints and are more likely to develop structural diseases, so you may want to consider getting an orthopedic dog bed in this case.

2. Getting a dog bed improves your dog’s sleep which would improve yours as well

It’s a great feeling to have your sweet dog sleeping on your bed during the night. However, sharing the bed with your pup isn’t healthy for neither of you as it may cause sleep disturbances for you both, especially if the dog is of a big size.

You still can share your room with your dog, but it’s better if your sweet friend has a cozy bed to sleep on. In fact, a study published in the 2017 edition of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings argues that having your dog in your room during the night improves your sleep, but having that pup sleep in the bed with you does the opposite.

3. Dogs deserve a space of their own

As humans, we always seek that particular place of our own to relax, rewind when feeling down, or have some quality time alone.

Take a moment to think about it! This is the same for our dogs. They also need a space of their own to rest or nap during the day, somewhere where they could feel cozy, a hideaway to go to for a break from the hustle and bustle of your home, a place to stretch out and hang out when they are feeling stressed.
So make sure to grant your loyal companions the comfort they deserve by clearing off a spot in your home and furnishing it with the right bed, depending on your dog’s needs.

4. The dog bed will increase your furniture’s longevity

Let’s face it! Being a dog owner means having to worry about your furniture all the time as your dog, while trying to get a comfortable place to nap, may unintentionally scratch your favorite couch or leave it dirty and full of hair.

So, getting a dog bed will solve not only your dog’s problem but also yours, as it will help to keep things at home nice and clean.

5. Dog beds are easy to clean

As dogs are adorable, loving creatures, they like to crawl next to their owners on the bed during the night. If you have a dog, there’s no doubt you know the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night to find that your cute friend had missed you and thus climbed the bed next to you, looking for coziness and love. What a great feeling, right! Well, this is the good part. Unfortunately, it comes with a downside.
As you know, dogs don’t clean after themselves! You have to do it! The nightmare starts when you think of the furniture you need to clean regularly to get rid of the dirt, hair, and undesirable pet odors your dog leaves on your furniture.

Cleaning after your dog can be a challenging task, especially for people with a busy schedule.
If your dog doesn’t have its own place, it’s normal that they would look for somewhere comfortable to snooze or feel warm, especially when you are away. This place could be your expensive sofa, lovely carpet, or your bed.

By getting your dog a bed, you will reduce the effort needed to clean your bed and other furniture items and clean the dog bed instead.

The good news is that dog beds are made of easy-to-clean materials. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions to guarantee it would last long and remain comfortable for a long time.

Because Your Pet Deserves the Best, Get Him a Bed!

Our dogs manage to bring sunshine into our homes, filling them with happiness. They love us generously and unconditionally and constantly forgive us when we are busy or away for a long time. Their welcomes warm our hearts after long days at work and their endless tricks lift our spiritswhen we feel down. They give us their best and therefore, they deserve the same attention and even more from us.

Ensure that your pup is healthy, comfortable, and happy, and get him a dog bed now.