Have you ever caught your dog staring at you for a long time? Doesn’t it bother you when you do not know the reason behind this constant act of staring? Should you be concerned?

As human beings, we tend to become self-conscious when being watched or observed by anyone, even our dogs and cats.

Staring is a form of communication that dogs use to express certain emotions or needs, not because they want to make us feel uncomfortable. However, we might lack the knowledge to acknowledge that.

This blog is for you if you are looking for reasons to explain why your dog keeps staring at you

They want your attention

Dogs are pets that require care and undivided attention, especially from their parents. It is very common to find your dog staring at you if they feel ignored or lonely. They might just be waiting for this one look from you to make their day!

Throw them a ball, hand them a treat or some dog food, or simply rub their belly. This would be a simple way of satisfying their need for being noticed and loved.

They have a desire

Don’t be surprised if your dog is smart enough to know what they are asking for. They might be staring at you because they want something specific.

They might be waiting for you to get their leash and take them out for a walk. They could be feeling that they want to relieve themselves and they are trying to tell you to take them outside by a simple stare.

Observe your dog’s behaviors and patterns so that you cab decode this very complex form of communication they use!

They are confused

Similar to how we have a certain body language when we are confused, dogs often show confusion by staring with their eyes.

They might be trying to make sense of your behavior so that they know what you want from them. In other words, they might be looking for a clue or a hint from you.

Or, they might be simply observing you and what you are doing because they are just curious.

They need direction

Let’s say you are walking your dog on the street. They are used to you pulling their leash to walk or giving them several commands along the way. If your dog is disciplined enough, they might stare at you along the way waiting for your next command so that they do not disappoint you.

Dogs, being very loyal pets, would do anything to make you happy. This is why these long and random stares might be their way of waiting for your signal in order to please you.


They are being aggressive

Most dogs do have cute eyes.

But you shouldn’t always mistake their stares for innocent stares.

Sometimes, you could run into a stranger’s dog who starts staring at you. If you look closely, you might notice that the dog is standing still with bared teeth. These are signs of aggression.

If this is the case, you should avoid eye contact with the dog to lower the tension.

They love you

Think about a person you love. Think about how you would look at them if they are standing in front of you right now.

You would stare and gaze, right?

This is exactly what might be happening with your dog.  They look at you admiring and loving your presence.

Azabu University in Sagamihara, Japan has conducted a study that revealed how the act of mutual staring between us and our pets releases oxytocin, the love hormone. This hormone is released between a mother and her infant when they bond.

Should you be concerned?

Staring is considered to be one of the indicators of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, or CCD. It’s the canine version of Alzheimer’s disease and usually occurs in senior dogs.

Staring is not the only symptom of CCD; it usually comes with other symptoms such as:

  • Not responding to commands
  • Losing their sense of direction in familiar areas
  • Frequently moving unsteadily
  • Strolling around the house for no reason

Please take CCD seriously and take your growing dog to the vet in case you observe these symptoms. They will be able to assist you in accommodating your dog’s condition by giving you advice and tips.

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