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WELLFED MATURE +7-STERIL Poultry & Oak Flakes 200gr

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 A complete, balanced meal of superior quality from 100% fresh steamed meat with minimal carbohydrates (2% oatmeal). Suitable for neutered older cats over 7 years.
 The fiber of oats creates a feeling of fullness, while the properties of green mussel extract are unique in helping the joints and enhancing movement.
 Older cats begin to gain weight due to reduced exercise due to either limited activity or joint pain. At this age they need food enriched with L-carnitine: it converts fatty acids into pure energy, and with DL-methionine: as a urine acidifier.
 Veterinary tested, with taste, aroma and texture in accordance with the biological needs of animals in nature.
 – A nutritional meal 100% from meat
 – Suitable for neutered old cats
 – Taste and texture that your cat will love
 – High nutritional value
 68% meat, hearts and livers, broth 28.9%, oat flakes 2%, minerals 1%, green mussel 0.1%.
 Nutrition Facts:
 Proteins: 10.20%
 Crude Fat: 5.40%
 Crude Fiber: 0.60%
 Crude Ash: 2.60%
 Moisture: 80.00%
 Sodium: 0.15%
 Phosphorus: 0.22%
 Weight: 200g




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