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WELLFED KITTEN Chicken 200 gr

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Food suitable for kittens (0-12 months), for pregnant and lactating cats.
A complete, balanced meal of superior quality from 100% fresh meat steamed without carbohydrates. A nutritious food suitable for their special nutritional needs at this trifling stage of their lives!
Veterinary tested, with taste, aroma and texture in accordance with the biological needs of animals in nature.
Low in magnesium (0.03%) and rich in taurine.
It contains 70% Chicken (Meat, hearts and livers), broth 28.9%, minerals 1%, Salmon oil 0.1%.
Proteins: 10.30%
Crude fat: 5.20%
Crude fiber: 0.40%
Crude ash: 2.50%
Moisture: 80.00%
Nutritional additives – vitamin D3 200i.e, copper as cuprin-sulfate, Pentahydrate 1mg., zinc as zinc sulfate, monohydrate 25mg, manganese as manganese-ll-sulfate, monohydrate 1.4mg, iodine as calciumjodat 0.75mg, taurine 1500mg, ca-pantothenat 9mg.
Metabolisable energy: 91.3Kcal / 100gr

  • Pate
  • 97.5% meat
  • No grains
  • Carbohydrate free
  • No vegetable proteins
  • Without preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • Hypoallergenic food
  • + calcium




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In stock

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