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 This pet carrier is designed for those traveling times with their pets. This pet carrier has more than one door, which makes it super to get your pet inside or outside the bag. The M-Pets Travel Bag contains mesh to ensure that your pet has excellent breathing once inside the carrier. It will make sure that your pet travels without worrying about anything as they’ll be super comfy. It is just a great accessory for any pet owner who is looking for a carrier that will keep their pet safe during travel. You can simply check our online store at Pet Barn to get one of these bags.
 This bag will absolutely fit your pet and make it feel comfortable.
 Easy to use and clean.
 Great design that fits your pet.
 Dimensions: 46 X 28 X 31 cm.
 Size: large.
 Breed Size Giant, Large, Medium, Miniature, Small.




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