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Tailswingers STRIPES SPINACH WITH CHICKEN small bites 100g

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Spinach with Chicken
Soft bites of chicken and spinach juice.
Ideal treats to reward your dog for the positive results he achieves each time.
The perfect supplement for a consistent healthy diet.
Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and with the beneficial properties of spinach. Spinach juice after a special process has the final form of pulp because the dog’s digestive system can not assimilate its nutrients in any other form.
It contains 87.8% chicken, 5% starch, 5% propylene glycol, 2% spinach juice, 0.2% salt.
Protein: 30%
Total fat: 3%
Total ash: 3.5%
Total fiber: 0.1%
Moisture: 23%
Weight: 100gr.
Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Low in fat.


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