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Puppy Essence Milk 450g

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●  Newborn puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs
●  Suitable for old or weakened dogs
●  Closest match to mother´s milk
●  Omega-3 fatty acids support brain development

●  Provides essential nutrients for energy and growth

●  Reduces risk of bloating or diarrhea

Made in Germany

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Puppies are cute little babies, and they need extra nutrition. Therefore our pet store provides this healthy Puppy Essence Milk. This milk is a formula specifically formed for puppies to consume during their first eight weeks of life. It helps puppies grow quickly and is a source of essential nutrients that help their digestive system function properly. This product is a great alternative to commercial puppy food. Puppy milk replacement formula is an excellent source of digestible energy, as well as essential nutrients that are necessary for healthy growth. Get one now for your puppy with one click and provide them with healthful meals by following the instructions above.


 Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acid and other essential nutrients for energy and growth.
Suitable for newborn puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs.
Good source of protein.
Helps maintain the dog´s immune system.
Assists in the absorption of necessary nutrients and vitamins.
Reduces risk of bloating or diarrhea.


 Weight: 450 g.




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