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Pidan Volcano Dog Bowl is a specially designed high quality stainless steel bowl that all dogs (even flat-faced dogs like pugs and bulldogs) are sure to eat from with ease.

With a large oblique rim and raised walls, the Pidan Volcano Dog Bowl makes for a more enjoyable and easy eating experience with no spills.

Pidan Volcano Dog Bowl has a base made of ABS (a type of thermoplastic polymer) matte material, making it anti-bite and extra resistant to wear and tear.

Complete with non-slip pads, the solid and sturdy base of the Pidan Volcano Dog Bowl allows your dog to eat without the bowl constantly shifting around.

Pidan Volcano Dog Bowl is anti-bacterial and easy to clean with a removable stainless steel bowl insert; you can pour hot water on the bowl insert to sterilize it.

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Material
ABS, stainless steel.

Product Size
18.2 x 18.2 x 8.2cm.



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