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Let us show your our fantastic Organissime Shampoo that you will absolutely love. It is a special pH-balanced shampoo that cleanses and revitalizes the skin. Its natural composition gently cleans the fur without drying it out. Its pleasant fragrance of geranium is ideal for relaxing your fluffy pet. Besides, the essential oils of “Rosat” and “Horsetail” extract in this shampoo help soften your cat or dog skin and make them healthier. Note that this amazing shampoo is ideal for all pets’ skin types. Get one now from our store and pamper your cute little pet by giving them a fresh bath.
 Geranium scent is added to the shampoo.
 Includes essential oils of “Rosat” and “Horsetail”.
 Cleans the fur without drying it out.
 Ideal for all pets’ skins.
 Shampoo for dogs and puppies.
 Fragrance: Geranium.
 Capacity: 250 ml.




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In stock

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