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Natura Rolls Cat Toy is Playful and entertaining, These feather-filled cat toys will keep your kitty entertained for hours. Designed in a fun and eye-catching style, these playful designs will appeal to both young and old cats alike. The rolling action offers a fun vibe and the stuffing adds a comfy feel that is sure to keep them entertained. Add some fun and entertainment to your kitten with these great toys. Natura is the ideal choice for the pet owner who wants to provide their cat with quality cat toys to stimulate and entertain. You are one click away to get this cheerful toy for your pet.


The toy is lightweight and durable and pet-approved.
Cute and playful design.
Appealing design.
A variety of colors to choose from to create a beautiful playground for your kitty.


Dimensions: 24 × 4.5 cm




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