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LENA FOOD DISPENSER – with cover – 3000 ml

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This pet feeder provides you with a convenient way to keep up with your pet’s food supply.
Lena Food Dispenser is suitable for dogs and cats and contains one food and water bowl. Luckily, the bowls are easy to refill and clean, so you don’t have to worry about the mess made by your pet. Furthermore, the unit can be connected to your home’s electrical system. It is suitable for indoor use and comes with a 120-watt power base that can stick to most surfaces. The unit can hold up to three pounds of food, and a slow-feed feature ensures your pet gets the food at the right time. It is the perfect choice for pets who like to eat at regular intervals. Get this masterpiece now from online pet store, and never worry about your pet getting hungry.
 Adapted to connect to the home’s electrical system.
 Comes with a 120-watt power base.
 Hold up to three pounds of food.
 A slow-feed feature is available.
 Easy to refill and clean.
 Dimensions: 21.7×17.5×21.7 cm.
 Capacity: 3000 ml.




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