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Hair And Skin Essence Oil 250ml

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 ● Promotes dense undercoat

●Improves the skin’s appearance
●  Helps terminating permanent molting of the hair
●  Works with natural vitamin B complex

●  Treats severe skin and coat problems

●  Supplies essential amino acids

Made in Germany

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Hair and Skin Essence Oil is the first choice of dog owners, as their dogs are often not very well-groomed and suffer from a lack of essential oils. These natural oils use essential amino acids to give your pet the essential nutrition they need. This powerful blend of essential oils and vitamins will ensure your pet’s skin and coat are looking and feeling soft and fluffy. The hair and skin oil regenerates the skin and reduces the formation of red spots and rashes. Nonetheless, it restores the hair and prevents its damage, so it becomes softer and less prone to breakage. Get one for your cute dog now from here and pamper your little friend.


Includes a great compound of 6 vegetable oils that provide OMEGA 3-6-9 fatty acids.
Contains Biotin that improves the condition of skin, hair, and nails. Improves the skin structure.
Contains essential amino acids.


Capacity: 250 ml.




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