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FLOW Crate MAGNUM 106.7X71.7X79.5 cm

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The Flow Crate from Magnum is the perfect crate for your dog. This crate is equipped with a fold-out washable cushion. It also includes a quick-release hinge and a removable storage bag so you can keep your pet’s belongings safe and secure. Furthermore, our crate has an extra pocket for carrying treats or toys. With a deluxe comfort-enhancing design, your dog will feel safe and secure as he keeps his belongings close by. The Flow Crate is the functional and comfortable solution to your dog’s needs and will provide a cozy and comfortable home for your dog. Last but not least, it features a handy hook and loop fastener that ensures the crate remains secure.


Secure and comfortable dog crate with fold-out washable cushion, detachable storage bag & pocket for carrying treats or toys.
Waterproof, rust-resistant, and portable.
Includes a hook and loop fastener that provides the most secure closure.


Size: 106.7 X 71.7 X 79.5 cm.
Color: Blue.




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