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Essence Paste Junior 100g

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●  Supports immune system development
●  Supports development of brain, eye & heart
●  Provides energy for optimal growth
●  Good for stress relief and emotion regulation
●  Anti-hairball + digestive system care

Made in Germany

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Now, cats can receive the daily support they need with Essence Paste Junior. It is a complete nutritional supplement that addresses the needs of cats from birth to adulthood. It’s also infused with high-quality ingredients and designed for young-age cats and kittens. The enhanced nutrition helps support the health of the nervous system, heart, bone, joint health. Besides, it balances the kitten’s immune response. Moreover, our unique product is formulated with an optimal blend of ingredients( chondroitin, glucosamine, papaya, pineapple, L-Tryptophan, taurine, and other active ingredients). Get the Essence Paste Junior from our online pet store for your little cat and provide them all the support to maintain their health.


Special for young kittens.
Boosts the process of brain, eye & heart development.
Provides energy for regular growth.
Great for tension relief and emotion control.
Anti-hairball and digestive system care.


 Weight: 100 g.




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