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CAVITY – Slow feed bowl, round

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 Our pet store has a vast collection of items and accessories for dogs and cats. This time, we provide you with (Cavity Slow Feed Bowl). Our product will definitely promote healthy, slow eating and helps to avoid bloating and overeating. These fun and functional dog bowls are made from durable plastic and come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Thus, any dog may use them easily. This bowl is perfect for any dog that eats quickly. There are also seven different holes of the anti-spill bowl that will keep your pet busy for a while. Besides, the bowl is made of high-quality plastic. Thus, you can wash it simply after use. You can find a rubber seal that prevents slipping while playing and eating at the bottom of the bowl.
 Has 7 elevations of anti-spill that keep your dog fully occupied.
 A rubber seal is added to prevent slipping while eating or playing.
 Prevents hasty eating.
 Dimensions: (L x W x H): 25 x 25 x 6 cm.
 Color: Green.
 Capacity: 1200 ml.




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