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Carbon Filters for INDUS & NEVA

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Our accessories store at Pet Barn for dogs and cats needs provides the best and most efficient products. Therefore, we introduce Carbon Filters for
Indus & Neva. Those are the best in the water Filtration business. The carbon filters are the most energy-efficient filters on the market and are designed to capture hair and dirt before reaching the pump. Also, the continuous water circulation in the bowl helps prevent bacteria and other germs from growing. The filters are one of the best that remove most of the chlorine from the water. Thus, making your dog safer and healthier.
 Make sure to get as soon as possible to get rid of harmful impurities and bacteria that can make your pet ill.
 Keep the water fresh, clean, and germ-free.
 Supplied with a carbon filter system.
 Gets rid of dirt & hair before reaching the pump.
 Width: 11 cm.
 Height: 6 cm.




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