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Bone And Joint Tablets 185g

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Your dog is part of your family. That’s why it has to stay happy and comfortable. But, the constant pressure on his bones and joints can cause pain and even arthritis. It is a natural process and needs the proper care and treatment, but the lack of it can cause uncomfortable and potentially dangerous conditions. Bone And Joint Tablets has coenzyme Q10 that can help to strengthen the blood vessels and promote blood flow. Also, the glucosamine in our tablets can help to ease arthritic pain and inflammation. Nonetheless, vitamin D3 in our tablets helps maintain the strong bones and joints your dog needs for a long and healthy life. You can get this product right away from our online store.


Made especially for adult dogs.
Mainly helps bone and joint growth.
Contains healthy vitamins and ingredients.
Great for any dog breed.


Capacity: 185g




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