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AUTOBRAKE Retractable Smart Leash

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Non tangle movement
Soft-grip Handle
Maximum Security
East to use: One-touch lock/release system
Strong Traction Tape

For dogs, the outside world is full of excitement. From passing cars to walking pedestrians to speeding squirrels, it’s unrealistic for our dogs not to be distracted during a walk.
To avoid any dangerous situations, to help to protect your arm and your dog’s neck from getting hurt, we introduce our new range of M-PETS AUTOBRAKE Retractable Leashes:
> Similar to the seat belts in cars, the retractable leash will automatically locks when a sudden force is applied to it. Pull the leash back to lock it and prevent the dog from extending the leash.
> Similar to the ABS in cars, the retractable leash will simultaneously slow down your dog’s speed and absorb the force applied to your arm. When your dog stops pulling on the leash, the tension will relax and the leash will automatically return to normal.
This new AUTOBRAKE system will surely prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Increasing safety for both you and your dog.

> Automatic Brake System
> Shocking absorbing
> Ergonomic soft grip
> The 360° Tangle-Free outlet design make the retraction easy and smooth
> Advanced Patented Design



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