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Our molting activating spray (250ml) is a leave-in treatment enriched with organic brown algae, Maca and Petit Houx. This spray promotes the fall of dead hair and thus restores radiance and shine to the new coat.
Its actions:
  • accelerates the natural molting process
  • stimulating and regenerating properties
  • promotes the regrowth of a healthy and fortified hair

Its formula is paraben-free and has a neutral pH.

For what coat?

Suitable for all types of coats during moulting.
Suitable for dogs and cats who lose their hair abundantly daily but also for puppies and kittens.

Usage tips :

Shake before use.
Spray 15-20 cm away on the entire coat every 2 days during the molting periods.
Brush to better distribute the product and help remove dead hair.
Can be used daily to restore shine and shine.
Avoid contact with eyes.


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