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●  Suitable for cats and dogs
●  Specially formulated for competition and molting season
●  Hair loss prevention
●  Shortens molting period

●  Unsaturated fatty acids for shiny hair & dense coat

Hair everywhere at home?

Competition season is coming and you want your champion to look its best? Our Anti-Moulting paste is specially formulated for both dogs and cats. Advanced ingredients such as DL-Methionine and biotin can help to shorten the molting season. Unsaturated fatty acids are good for hair & skin appearance and health.  

Compositions: Dextrose, skimmed milk powder (lactose free), sunflower oil, gelatin hydrolysate, ubiquinone 10 (coenzyme Q10) (0.12%).

Feeding Instructions: 

2.5 g (aprx. 3.75 cm paste) / 5 kg bodyweight / day

Dosage can be doubled during the first two weeks.

The first application is particularly successful during the coat change.





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