A new year is about to unfold and bring you 356 days of opportunity. We know that this year’s resolutions are not going to be only your own but are certainly going to include your pet. After all, your pet has brought you happiness, great memories, a healthier life (Pet reduce your stress and give you a bigger chance to exercise, that is just to mention a few of the ways in which your pet has improved your life quality), unforgettable moments and smiles! He has taught you to be more responsible and take better care of yourself and him, so why not make a decision now that you will help him live happier and healthier by making resolutions that aim to achieve that. If you are unsure what resolutions to make to better your pet’s life, Pet Barn has your back. In this blog, you find some inspirational ideas, some of which you will definitely like.

Tips to Make New Year’s Resolutions that Include Your Pet 

Okay, get a pen and paper ready. Now let us begin planning for the new year with the intention to make it fantastic for you and your furry buddy.

  • First of all, remember that new year’s good resolutions aim to make your life happier and probably more wholesome.
  • With that in mind, think of yourself first. No, that is not selfish because if you do not care about yourself, you will not have the energy to care for those around you.
  • So, what are the things that you want to change? Do you need to get more exercise? Spend more quality time with the important people in your life? Do you need to set an eating program so that you can get rid of some extra pounds? Those might sound like repeatedly asked questions, but they are essential to make your year the best it could be.
  • As you are posing the previous questions, and deciding on the answer, think about including your pet in the process. For example, if you have decided to get more exercise, you can set a schedule to take your puppy out for a walk three times instead of two. In this way, both of you will get more exercise and become fitter.
  • If you have not started writing your resolutions list and still need more inspirational ideas, some will be introduced soon. Just keep reading!

Suggestions of New Year’s Resolution for You and Your Pet

  1. Suggestions regarding your well-being  
  • Find ways that can help you both get more exercise. We have already suggested taking your pup for more walks, but the options are endless. You can go hiking on weekends instead of spending them on the couch watching T.V.
  • Food! It is delicious, yeah! But why not this year make it both yummy and healthy? You could learn to make nutritious meals for both you and your pet, too. If that sounds like too much work for your busy schedule, buy some ready-made healthy food for both of you and make sure it has the top ingredients your buddy needs to maintain a fit body and excellent health.
  • Resolve to have regular checks for both you and your pet. Making sure that you are both okay is imperative for having a fun life.
  1. Suggestions regarding spending more quality time with your pet 
  • Set some extra time in your daily life to spend with your pet. You can play together, just sit and tell him about your day. Remember that your pet is a great listener who will never judge you. You two bond better when you talk to him, and he helps you remove some of your hearts’ burdens.
  • Get your dog or cat at least one new toy and play with them, even if just for five minutes a day. This gives you an ample chance to become closer and make your pet more cheerful and focused. Some interactive toys can improve your pet’s mental health immensely.
  • If you plan to take on a new hobby, you can join a class with your pet. These classes include agility classes, swimming, Frisbee, Search and Rescue. Find out what you have available in your area of residency and give those a try.
  1. Suggestions regarding emergencies and society at large   
  • To be prepared for any unexpected emergencies, start a saving account for your pet. In this way, you will have money ready if you need it to get your pet any necessary materials or pay extra for your vet.
  • Include other pets in your plan. For instance, you can donate some pet stuff for charity or take a shelter for a walk.

So, ready now to start a new journey with your pet? Ready to have yet another splendid year full of great memories? We would like to know more about that so tell us about your plans. Do you have any that you have not mentioned in our blog? They could inspire other pet parents who are now getting ready for the new year, so do not hesitate to share your answers in the comment below.

As it is always the case, we cannot wait to hear from you!