Here comes summer and its sunshine. It is time to spend more evenings out and enjoy many trips to the beach.

Finally! You can now take your furry friend on longer walks without worrying about sudden changes in the weather.

Your children can spend longer hours playing around with their dog specially that they do not have assignments that are due soon!

Though summer promises you many good days, it might bring a major sort of discomfort for your pet. What is that? You ask? Well, those little creatures called fleas might want to have a home in your dog’s coat. Does that mean you will need to be worried all the time? Sure not!

Because Pet Barn cares about you and your pet, it provides you with more information on the matter. Here you can read about what complications fleas can cause to your pet and how you protect him from those parasites.

What problems can fleas cause to your pet?

As we mentioned before, fleas can be a main source of it discomfort for your dog, and here are several problems that those parasites can cause.

  • Allergy to fleas’ saliva.

If your dog is one of those unlucky allergic ones, a fleabite is likely to irritate his skin and cause him intensive itching. The poor little one will do to whatever it takes to relive that scorching pain, so you will see him repeatedly scratching his coat.

  • Tapeworm

If fleas took shelter in your pet’s skin, he might swallow one while grooming himself.  When this happens, it gives your dog what we call tapeworms, which are internal parasite that set up home in the intestines of your dog causing him vomiting, diarrhea, loss weight among other several symptoms.

  • Bacterial Diseases

In addition to all previously mentioned, fleas’ more-serious danger stems from the fact that they can be transmitters of some kinds of bacteria. One study showed that 50 percent of fleas were carrying at least one bacterial disease.

Tips to protect your dog from fleas

You might have ended up feeling worried after finishing reading the first part of this blog. You do not need to. There are some easy tips that can totally help you protect your canine friend from fleas this summer and every summer if carefully taken into consideration.

  • Keep your house and yard clean

This might sound like we are stating the obvious. We are! We are doing so because this a very important tip that cannot be stressed enough.

Flea eggs can stay alive in your house during the cold months. Cleaning your house specially your couches, carpets, pet’s bedding removes those eggs before they hatch and turn into a much bigger problem.

As fleas might find it a good idea to lay their eggs in your yard, it is best to keep it clean. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves and removing brush clipping help you prevent them from doing so.

  • Use fleas prevention products throughout the year

Though fleas prosper and spread during summertime, you need to use flea prevent product for your dog during all the seasons for the year. Although the chance of your dog getting fleas during the cold months is minor, you do not want to risk it! If your dog escapes fleas in the previous winter, he might not as lucky during the next winter. Instead of gambling it, ask your vet and choose a good preventive product and make sure to use it regularly.

  • Do not use old protective products

If you have been a pet parent for quite a long time, it is possible that you have some old flea products laying around. You are not advised to use those. They are probably harmless but ineffective. To make sure you are doing things right, check with your vet and find the products that work best for your furry friend.

  • Regular check up your dog for fleas

Fleas and itching go hand-in-hand but do not wait until you see your dog scratching his coat to check for fleas. Always have a flea comb in the house and run it through your dog coat. If you found that your dog has any, do not panic. Remove the parasites and use products that kill them. In case your dog shows symptoms of any flea-borne disease, run to your vet and follow the instructions that he gives you.

When it comes to fleas, prevention is key!

Several preventive measures can be taken to make sure that your dog is flea-free. Some of those are introduced before and are easy to follow. Your four-legged friend is waiting for an amazing summer to spend with you so give him just that. Help him avoid the pain of itching, scratching, and any other further complications caused by fleas by taking all necessary steps needed.