Once asked what your favorite season is, what do you say? If you are one of those people who are full of energy and like spending their weekends on the road or looking for a new adventure, you will most probably choose summer or spring. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay at home during the holidays and continue reading that old book, you will probably choose winter or autumn. Regardless of your preference, you might experience winter blues! Winter means less time spent out and less light to enjoy. Therefore, as the temperature drops, some could experience mood swings. This is not only true about you but also about your pet too. The poor furry ones can find it hard to adapt to the weather changes, even if they live in the warmer parts of our planet. Once Pet Barn noticed that winter is here, we ran to the rescue and brought you some tips that you can follow to help your pet overcome his own winter blues. So, enjoy a warm snuggle with your furry friend while reading this extremely important blog.

4 Tips to Help Your Pet Overcome his Winter Blues

  1. Let your pet get indoor and outdoor exercise.

To start with, dogs need to go outside two to three times a weekly to relieve themselves and get the necessary exercise. The good news is that dogs do not mind going out in any kind of weather, so wear that heavy sweater and get ready for a short walk or a romp in the snow. Once outside, your dog’s natural play instinct is activated. Running, jumping, and chasing will help your canine friend energize and burn calories, in addition to boosting his metabolism. If going outside is impossible due to extreme weather conditions, try indoor games such as fetch, tug-of-war, and wrestling. They can all give your dog a great chance to exercise.

As for your feline buddy, brighten her day with 10 to 15-minute exercise even if she is stuck inside the house. Some cat toys, such as laser pointers, can get her into chase mode. In this way, you keep her busy and help her burn some energy. Moreover, you can get her a perch by the window where she can enjoy watching the birds or even bring her an outdoor enclosure that allows her to roam for a while in the fresh air.

  1. Keep tracking your pet’s calories.  

In winter, we tend to go out less, which means we spend less energy. Therefore, it is good to monitor our body weight, which also applies to your pet. To do that, use a measuring cup so that you know exactly how much food he is taking. By reducing your pet’s food intake, you help him gain less weight and more energy.

If you want to give your pet treats, why not consider hiding them in toys or someplace that requires your pet to exert some extra effort on his part?

  1. Expose your pets to light 

Ever wonder why we feel happier and more energetic during sunny days? This has to do with some chemicals our brains produce. Exposure to light is believed to help our brains and those of our pets secrete serotonin, which is associated with boosting one’s mood. So, do your best to take your pet out during the day rather than in the evening when it is dark. In addition, you can place your pet’s bed closer to a window to maximize the amount of sunlight he can get.

  1. Change the scents around your house. 

Want your pet to stay occupied and mentally focused? What can be better than exposing them to some new scents so that they try to find the source of? Pets are extremely sensitive to smells, so having scented toys around the house can engage your puppy or cat’s interests and natural stalking instincts. Dogs respond to many different odors, so you will have no problem choosing suitable scented toys. As for cats, some respond to catnip and others to “play sprays” that can be squirted onto indoor climbing structures, cardboard boxes, and scratching posts.

Little Extra Care Can Do Magic

Winter is a time for love. On cold days, one needs more care and attention. This is true for both us and our pets as well. All need to do to make sure that your pet spends lovely and enjoyable chilly months is to care for him a little bit more. It might require you to go out despite the cold weather and that tempting feeling of spending the day in bed, or to get your pet some extra toys, and probably winter clothes if you want your pet to feel warmer, but it is worth it. Your pet will feel happy and energized throughout winter times, you will have great photos together, and you will remember for years to come!

So, did you enjoy reading this blog, and do you think the tips provided will help your pet overcome his winter blues? Try them and tell us what you think in the comment section below. It is always great to hear from you!