Let us all agree that owning a dog is not always fun and games. At Pet Barn, most of our guests come to us with questions about how to train their dogs and how to push them into maintaining a positive behavior at home.

This is very important because you would want your little furry friend to be disciplined at times when you have guests for example, or when you sit down to have lunch. This might be tough especially when your dog is simply seeking entertainment and affection.

Based on our experience with pets, here are some tips on how to develop a positive and disciplined attitude from your dog:

1- Reward your dog

It could be with a dog treat or with a simple tap of the head!

Dogs adore it when you praise them for something good they did. Giving them ego boosts is their favorite thing on earth.

When you constantly praise them for behavior you want them to maintain, dogs will keep doing this behavior because they attribute it to rewards.

Tip from Pet Barn: Dogs like treat more than they like their food. Just like toddlers prefer a chocolate bar and consider it a great prize, dogs look at treats the same way. We suggest you check our website so that you stock up on some yummy treats for your dog.

2- Spend Quality Time with Them

Dogs are very smart beings who just sense it when their parent is showing them love and affection. If you spend time with them, you will send them caring messages.

In return, dogs will reciprocate this by being disciplined and by caring for your approval and satisfaction.

Make sure you always make time for your little one no matter how busy the day gets.

Just put on your dog’s collar and go out for a walk around the neighborhood. It would mean the world to them!

3- Make sure they exercise frequently

In general, dogs have a lot of energy.

If this energy remains without expenditure, it would cause chaos. The dog would run around asking for attention while damaging the house, being hyperactive, and driving you crazy!

You should make sure your dog has something to do such as playing catch, running around the house, or simply going for a daily short walk.

There are many activities that you could do with your dog that will help them release all this excess energy and save you the trouble of being forced to discipline them.

4- Provide them with a Nutritious Diet

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Our products, especially those from Canagan, are packed with nutrients that would suit all breeds.

Having a balanced diet and providing your dog with food following a routine will help them be disciplined and know when to expect their meals.

Many pet parents realize that this simple hack of providing the right nutritious food reduces their dog’s anxiety, hyperactivity, irritation, and being destructive.

It is also very important for you to communicate with those around you (family, friends…etc.) that you are trying to train your dog and they should kindly refrain from giving them food at any time. They would just be ruining your progress.

It may be hard to resist their puppy face, but you should trust the process. It is for their own good and wellbeing!

5- Introduce them to other dogs

Dogs are extremely curious and social beings.

Getting them used to meeting and playing with other dogs will definitely have a positive impact on their behavior because they will be less aggressive.

They will have better social skills, become more friendly, and they will definitely not feel the need to ask for attention.

This will help them become happier and healthier dogs, and it will help them relax for sure when they get home in their comfy bed.

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To conclude this blog, we insist on the importance of encouraging positive behavior with your dogs at home.

Trust us, this would save you so much trouble. It would also make you both happier and more comfortable!

What are way you use to reinforce positive behavior with your dog. Let us know in the comments section below.