The pet industry may not have much recognition in the Middle East, but it is improving now. Well, if we speak historically, Arabs have been quite fond of having pets. Yet, there were some legality and royalty differences as you might have seen them keeping them lions or any other pets at home.

However, people change, and so do the trends. Now, the cats and dogs seem to be friendlier members of the house. Also, the Middle East may seem like one market, but it has its differences too.

Do you know that Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world? Dogs are the most popular pet globally owned by people with cats next. The listing continues: Fish, birds, and other pet types. While we are talking about the Arabs habits on keeping the pets and the way it is changing now, the trends on pet hygiene products and food also need to be addressed.

If you are moving there or even living for years, you may find it odd that the data on the pet market is still less, but we are here to help you with all you need to know about pet supplies to take care of your pet. Here, we can help you with some of the top supplies you need for your pet in 2020.

Pamper your Pets through different things

  1. Portable Water Bottle for your Dog
    If you like to travel around with your dog, it is more likely that you need to be careful about its hydration. So, a water bottle can be the first thing to get. It makes it easy for you to carry along and your pet. So, to keep your furry friend hydrated during the journey, buy the water bowl for the dog.
  1. Pet Food Dispenser
    Pets can be messy at times and especially while eating food. Therefore, you need to keep your place clean and the pet happy. So, get a food dispenser for them. You can find fantastic food dispenser at our shop, and they have some amazing collections of plastic containers with a cover.
  1. Atria Interactive Cat Toy
    Cats like to play, and some pet shops like to be considerate towards their feelings. Yes, and that is why they offer this interactive Cat toy. You must have one too. Cats can be very playful at times, and if you want to cheer them up and enjoy your time with a playful moment with your furry fellow, buy one this year.
  1. Bamboo Cat Litter
    You love your pet, but you also like your home to be cleaned. 100% Organic and biodegradable cat litter bamboo can be a valuable thing for you. Yes, itis made from natural and organic bamboo which makes it eco-friendly. The antibacterial, antioxidant and deodorizing abilities of natural bamboo protect your pet and ensure the indoor fresh air.
  2.  Water Fountain
    Water fountains can be a fantastic addition to the supplies of your pet accessories. Use it to keep the discipline of the house intact. Yes, both dogs and cats can drink water from the fountain anytime. Just make sure you are cleaning and filling it regularly.
  3. Dog Food
    Food is necessary, and grain-free food suggests that your dog will be eating healthy. This can include wheat, corn, oats, barley and rice, etc. Now, if you are looking for healthy food in the market, keep this in mind.
  4. Chew Toy
    Dogs like to chew, and if you are not careful, they will probably chew anything at your home. So, to keep them away from damaging your house, you must get the chew toy for them.
  5. Pidan Pet Bed – Cupcake
    Pet beds have been trending for a couple of years now, Going beyond just a normal floor pillow, to modern cupcake-like bed with an open comfortable design that you love and enjoy sleeping.
  6. Harnesses for Dogs
    Are you traveling with your pet? Well, the car harness can help you. Make your journey comfortable with your fellow by getting a harness this year.

Bottom line

The key to keeping a pet is to pamper them as you care for your family members. They are the ones that can bring a smile to your face when you come home after a tiring day. PetBarn is offering all the pet supplies with premium quality. So, if you have a pet that takes care of you when you are stressed, you must take care of their special needs in every way possible. Check out the above list of pet supplies and provide them with an amazing lifestyle at your home – just like another family member.