Your dog is sitting at your door waiting for you to come back home so that he can play with you! We know how you feel about that: happy and grateful that you decided to get a dog. He has been your faithful and trusted companion for months and probably years and he has given you days deeper meaning. Therefore, you are ready to do all it takes to keep this special bond. Did you know you have to keep working on that?

All relationships need hard work to flourish. That is why you see lots of self-help books that give you advice about how to maintain and improve a healthy relationship with your child, parent, partner and even friend. Your relationship with your dog is no exception. You need to always work harder on this unique bond between you two to make sure it is getting stronger every day. It can be a little bit difficult to find books on the topic but Pet Barn is going to make your life easier. In this article, we introduce 9 ways that will hopefully guide you to build a stronger relationship with your canine.

Improve Your Relationship with Your Dog in 9 Simple Ways

Yup! 9 simple ways can greatly improve your relationship with your furry friend. That is some good news for sure but we still have better news: the ways suggested are all fun for you and your dog. Keep on reading and see for yourself.

  1. Spend more time with your dog

Dogs are social and friendly animals and they enjoy being around people, especially around their loving owners. Spending time together never fails in strengthening your relationship with them especially if you make it enjoyable by planning some trips or games.

  1. Get to know your dog’s body language

To achieve better communication, which is key to any relationship whatsoever, listen to what your dog is trying to tell you. He might not be able to communicate what he wants to say to you in words, but his body language can reveal a lot. For example, when your dog is staring at you that could mean several things: he is probably trying to say “I love you” or “I need your attention” or “I am confused, please give me some directions”. Ask specialists and read about dogs’ body language because when you understand your pet better, your relationship with him is sure to improve.

  1. Offer him food that is both healthy and delicious

The way to your dog’s heart can be through his stomach. Dogs like to be given food that tastes good. Of course, you mainly think about the nutritious ingredients that your canine’s meal should have, and that is great. Yet, you can try to make it delicious as well. You can prepare some meals at home or buy him the delicious ones you notice he loves.

  1. Choose enriching toys for your dog

Toys help your dogs to be mentally stimulated and get them tired easily. Moreover, toys teach them how to be alone when needed specially that they are fun and relaxing. More importantly, toys are one of the best ways for your dog to learn and develop new skills. Because toys can do all that and more, they are sure to bring you closer together.

  1. Speak to your dog

Our dogs tend to enjoy hearing familiar voices, so hearing his owner’s voice can be really relaxing and soothing for him. You can even try reading a book aloud to your dog. This way you both enjoy your time.

  1. Touch your dog

Researchers has found that physical touch such as petting and grooming reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases anti hormone oxytocin. This has led them to believe that physical contact enhances the bond between you and your dog.

  1. Take your dogs for walks

Walking your dog provides mental stimulation, physical exercise, chances for socialization, and opportunities for behavioral training for your dog. Moreover, it gets both of you to grow the bond you have.

  1. Practice Basic training

Choose a simple behavior to teach your dog and work on it for five to six minutes each day. Those few minutes can enhance your relationship with him specially when using treats to reinforce the newly learned behavior.

  1. Try to remain calm

Not matter what is going on around you, try to exude a sense of tranquility so that your dog can depend on you to stay cool. Losing your temper, yelling, or freaking out will work your dog up, and make him feel stressful.

Bonding with Your Dog Is a Lifetime Goal

Keep in mind that will not see signs that your bond has gotten stronger in just one day. Bonding with your dog is a permanent journey, which requires constant work on your side, each and every day. When setting off in this journey, remember to pack your kit of patience, hard work, and love and get ready to receive the gift of a calmer, more trusting and loving dog at each stop.

Do you follow any of the tips given in this article to strengthen your relationship with your four-legged buddy? Do you do any other things to achieve that? We would to hear from you so share your experience with us down in the comment section.