Your new puppy or kitten is now lying in his new home, your home! You have dreamt of this moment for quite a long time. Probably, you needed to exert extra efforts to convince your partner or your parents about this new big step: getting a new member to the family. This member is a little bit different. She/he is your four-legged furry friend who needs special care. Because you want to be a responsible parent, you will continually educate yourself about taking care of him or her. You want to always see them happy because that brings you a lot of happiness yourself. After all, what could be more joyful than watching your pet grows next to you, joyous and safe! It will mean the world for you.

Because Pet Barn cares, we try to help you succeed as a pet parent. That is why we offer you 5 tips that you will find very useful as a new pet parent.

Be Patient.
Though it might be difficult for you to know this, it is better to try not to hug your pet on the first day he comes to your house. Why is that? Remember that your pet could have been separated from his family, parents, or siblings, so he needs time. Your dog or cat needs some time to become familiar with their surroundings and with you! Your job at this stage is to be patient. After your pet gets accustomed to you, you can show him all the affection you want.

Make Sure He Is Safe at His New Home

Your pet will try to explore his new surroundings in many different ways. Your new furry friends will try to lick things around them, smell them, or scratch some. They will probably even try to taste them, which might be accompanied by some jumping and excitement. This can be harmful. That is why your job starts before you even get your pet to your house. That is right! You need to pet-proof your home. Here is what you should primarily do: make sure you keep dangerous stuff like cleaning agents, clothes, and shoes out of your pet’s reach. Moreover, remember that wires, sharp and small objects can be dangerous elements to leave lying around, so store them away before your pet arrives at his new home.

Watch them Closely

Here is something you might not want to hear: your pet is likely to escape during his first days at his new home. If you do not want that to happen, you need to watch him closely. When you open the door or a window close to the street, keep your eye on your cat. When you take your dog out for a walk, he might try to run, so getting him a leash or a no-pull harness is important.

Take Care of Their Diet

Buying the right high-quality food for your pet means fewer visits to vets. It means that your pet will have fewer health problems and feel happier. You should bear in mind that your pet needs different kinds of food at each stage of his life. It might be a good idea to consult your vet about what to give your pet, depending on his age. We, at Pet Barn, take good care of the food brands we choose for your pets. You can find more about our collections and choose what best suits your cat or dog.
Also, remember that a balanced nutritious diet is, of course, important, but it is essential to offer food and water to your pet in clean bowels.
Your Vet Is Your Greatest Resource
No matter how much information is offered on the Internet, some of which can be very helpful, like this blog, your main source should be your vet. Your vet is the one to go to know what food or vaccination you need to give your pet. Your vet is the one to go to if you notice your pet is showing any signs of discomfort. He is the one to consult when your pet suffers from diarrhea or any other distress. An annual checkup is something not to be ignored. It helps you to make sure that your pet is completely healthy.

Taking Care of Your New Pet Might Be an Overwhelming but a Satisfactory Experience!
As you have seen before, taking care of a new pet is not an easy task. It will help if you educate yourself about how to deal with those new arrivals so that they feel truly welcomed and gradually grow to trust you. Make sure that you take your vet’s advice about what food to choose for your pet depending on his age to ensure that he enjoys good health, and do not forget to pet-proof your house before even your pet arrives at your home. The joyful days you will spend together later deserve the trouble you will go through at the beginning.
When you decided to get a new pet, you knew it is a lot of hard. You knew that it would be an overwhelming experience, but you also knew it would be a satisfactory one. It is. Nothing will match the happiness you will experience watching your pet growing happily and healthily.