Are you a new cat owner? Are you worried you do not have everything you need for your little one?
Do not worry because Pet Barn will guide the way so that you wouldn’t miss a thing and so you would be absolutely ready for their arrival.
In this blog, we will be revealing the five most important quality products you will find in Pet Barn that are necessary for your cat’s well-being.

1- Pet Carrier
First things first!
You need to make sure you purchase a carrier in order to easily take your little one home. This carrier should be easily accessible for your cat with a door that opens and closes easily. Check out our TREK Travel Carrier for a practical and affordable carrier.

You might be tempted to get a cardboard box because you do not have time, but trust us, you would want to purchase a proper carrier because your cat could be scared and might claw their way away with claws. A plastic carrier with a locking door in the front is safer and it would provide enough air access for your cat.

Check our website to shop online and to explore the wide range of carriers we offer!

2- Food
Make sure you stock up nutritious food for your cat before you bring them home.
You would also want to check what they have been eating and getting them a similar product in order to comfort them. Keep in mind that they will be in fear trying to adapt to so many things all at once.

You should also pay attention to the fact that cats require types of food based on their age. Ask our team of experts to help you pick the brand most suitable for your cat!

Our Canagan cat food products have a wide selection of flavors and you will definitely find something that suits your little kitty.

Do not forget to pair what you get with a bowl so that your cat can eat or drink. We recommend the CYLINDER Food dispenser and the ELBE Water fountain.

Feel free to check the wide variety we have of bowls and feeding accessories and pick your favorite for the best prices in Kuwait.

3- Collar
You must think about getting your cat a collar for two reasons.

First of all, they are cute and trendy most of the times. Did you check Chat Stardust Black?

Your cat would definitely be the center of attention!
Second of all, you might want to hang a card to the collar or any form of identification when you go out with your cat just in case they wander away or they get lost.

It would be heartbreaking if you cannot find your cat.

There are many designs of collars, leashes, and harnesses on our website. Make sure to shop online for quality products and great affordable prices!

4- Litter Box
There are many options to take care of your little cat’s litter. However, we all have to agree that the simplest one is just getting a plastic box and filling it with cat litter.

In PetBarn, we offer great products for cat litter such as Silvernite Unscented Cat Litter 10kg. It is clay composed, natural and pure, and it is biodegradable and free from any kind of chemical additives. The soiled litter quickly forms into small clumps, that way, the rest of the litter stays fresh and dry.

Do not forget to check other Cat Litter products we offer.

We also got you covered when it comes to tools you might need such as mats, shovels, and much more!

5- Toys
Last but not least, you should make sure your cat does not get bored at their new home.

Cats are little creatures that love to play. They actually sleep better when they play.

Our favorite cat toy we sell is CATCH THE MOUSE. All our guests love it and come back to buy similar products. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly ABS material, it is safe and harmless to both owners and kittens. It also dispenses treats which is probably why cats love it so much.

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is our number one priority and this is why we ensure providing you with enough knowledge when it comes to owning a pet.

You should ensure that they have all what they need in order for your life and theirs to be smooth and joyful!

Check out our website to shop online if you are planning to get a pet home or pass by our store in Kuwait for a one on one talk with our friendly and informative team!

Tell us if you think we should add anything else to the list in the comments section below.