On the day you decided to get your pet, you bought almost everything you imagined they needed, got your home ready and pet proof and since then your life has never been the same. Your cat or your dog brought happiness to your house, and a lot of great memories. Little did you know that your choice of pet tells something about your personality. Think about it: do not you feel that cats’ owners share certain traits that are different from those that dogs’ owners exhibit? Of course, the individual differences have their great impact on you as a person yet it is fun to know what your choice of pet reveals about you, right?

Pet Barn would like to share with you four major differences between cats’ owners and dogs’ owners. Enjoy this read and see for yourself if the results the studies gave apply to you.

Main Differences Between Cats People and Dogs People

  1. Cat people are more introverted

First, it is important to note that nobody is one hundred percent introvert or one hundred percent extrovert. We all lean one way or another or have a bit of both.

Generally speaking, cat lovers tend to be more introverted than dog lovers. After all, cat lovers choose cats as pets to spend quite nights at home next to their purring companions instead of going to parks and meeting other “dog owners”. That explains why most cat owners enjoy hobbies that they can do at home such as reading, drawing, or baking.

Dog owners, on the other hand, are more sociable. They enjoy social interactions and group activities as those offered at dog parks. Just like their furry pets, dog owners prefer hobbies that are more active. They enjoy sports they can practice with some friends such as running, swimming and hiking.

  1. Dog owners are more obedient to rules

A theory suggests that because owning a dog is a widespread, popular choice, dog people tend to conform more, and lean towards more socially desirable personality traits. Therefore, they tend to be conventional people who believe in traditional values. Moreover, just like their four-legged pets, dog owners find it better to have structure in their life. You can notice that most dog owners have a kind of fixed daily routine that they try to follow as best as they can. Dog lovers do not only follow the rules they set for themselves at home. Researchers have found that dog people are more obedient to social rules in general.

Cat people, on the other are more inhibited and non-conformist. Like their pets, they feel that being independent and standing out from the crowd should be considered a positive thing, and one form of which is not always obeying the rules. They are mostly open-minded and ready for new experiences. That is why they do not try to impose a certain kind of structure on their lives.

  1. Cat people are more intelligent

Sorry canine lovers! A recent study suggests that cat people are smarter, regardless of their pet’s level of intelligence. To tell you the truth, deep down cat people feel that cats are cleverer than dogs. This probably is just a reflection of what cat lovers think about themselves.

In the study just referred to, 600 students at Carroll University were analyzed by assessing a number of factors, including personality traits and interests. In the results, cat people were found to score higher intellectually and were considered to be more “intellectually curious” compared to others.

  1. Dog people are seeking companionship; cat people are seeking affection.

Dogs are your buddies. They can go with you to faraway places. They are your companions in trips and they join you while you are practicing your favorite leisure time activity. In short, people who choose dogs as pets are looking for this kind of friendship and companionship.

Cats will rub against you and knead their paws to your fleshy folds when you are feeling lonely and cold at night.  So, people who opt for cats as pets are actually looking for affection.

Your Pet Tells about Your Personality

As you have seen in this blog, owning a dog or a cat helps people to know more about you. They could be able to figure out whether you are an extrovert, or an introvert, a traditional or an open-minded person just by knowing what pet you have chosen. However, keep in mind that owing a cat or a dog shows all around that you are a responsible and passionate human being who has a lot of affection to give to those fun creatures. Owing a pet tells people that you are ready to do all that it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, tell us in the comment whether you are a cat person or a dog one and whether the information provided is true for you.